Saturday, January 28, 2012



IIT Delhi has instituted a prestigious summer research fellowship programme for providing 
an opportunity to exceptionally good undergraduate students of  different engineering 
institutes in India, other than IIT Delhi (and if possible, abroad)  for Top ten of the classes 
to execute an innovative research and development project under the guidance of an IIT 
Delhi faculty. The fellow will register at IIT Delhi as a visiting student; she/he will not be 
required to pay institute registration fees. 
About the Fellowship 
Duration  The Fellowship work can be done in a period of 8-12 weeks which can be 
availed of during at the most two visits. 
Support  The fellowship will cover the following: 
(a) cost of travel in the country, to and from IIT Delhi; 
(b) stay at IIT Delhi during the visit(s), including boarding and lodging in 
the Institute hostels; and 
(c) a fellowship of Rs. 500/- per week. 
The fellow will have to pay the insurance charges. 
Eligibility  Any undergraduate student, who has completed at least 2 years of study 
towards an engineering degree and is amongst top ten positions in her/his 
respective programme will be eligible to apply for this fellowship. Students 
who will be completing this requirement by May 2012 are also eligible. 
How to apply 
Application  The application form should be downloaded from IIT Delhi website. The 
applicant should submit the following:  
(a) Application form   
(b) Resume 
(c) One consolidated grade card; and rank in class. 
(d)  No Objection Certificate from the parent institution stating the starting 
and ending dates for carrying out full time research work at IIT Delhi 
under the fellowship programme. 
(e) One photograph (Passport size), pasted on the application form. 
(f) One reference letter in a sealed envelope. 
Where to 
The above documents along with covering letter should reach the Assistant 
Registrar-UGS, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110 016. 
Deadline  Applications will be received until 17:00 hours on 29thFebruary, 2012
Decision  List of Fellows will be announced by 30
th March, 2012. Start  Summer work can start after 16th
May 2012.  

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