Monday, February 13, 2012

PHD-JNU 2012-13

The University admits a limited number of candidates directly to Ph.D. programme
either on the basis of viva-voce or written examination  and viva-voce both as may
be decided by  the Universi ty both  in Monsoon and Winter  Semesters  in var ious
areas of research in the
 (1) School of International Studies
 (2) School of SocialSciences 
(3) School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies 
(4) School ofComputer & Systems Sciences 
(5) School of Physical Sciences
 (6) School of Environmental Sciences
 (7) School of Life Sciences 
(8) School of Arts andAesthetics 
(9) School of Computational and Integrative Sciences
 (10) School ofBiotechnology
 (11) Centre for the Study of Law & Governance 
(12) Centre forMolecular Medicine and 
(13) Centre for Sanskrit Studies. Candidates are required
t o   c h e c k   t h e   a v a i l a b i l i t y   o f   s e a t s   i n   e a c h   C e n t r e / S c h o o l   b e f o r e   a p p l y i n g   f o r
admission in Winter Semester.
Eligibility:  Candidates are requested to refer to the Prospectus 2012-13 (available
on JNU websi te  (www. in)   for  detai ls  regarding el igibi l i ty  requi rements  fo r
direct admission to Ph.D. programme under the respective Schools/Special Centres.
Candidates enjoying employed status and selected  for  admission shal l  be
required to produce LEAVE SANCTION ORDER for a period of two years at the
t i m e   o f   a d m i s s i o n / r e g i s t r a t i o n .  H ow e v e r,  t h e r e   i s   a   l i m i t e d   p rov i s i o n   fo  r
exemption of this requirement to candidates employed in research and teaching
Institutions located in NCR.
A candidate can apply either “Online” or “Offline”.  Online Application: Candidates
can apply Online on payment of prescribed fee if they have access to a computer,
a   p r  i n t e r   a n d   I n t e r  n e t   b y   l o g g i n g   o n   t o   J N U   w e b s i t e   w w w. j n u . a c . i n   o r
www. jnuonl ine. in. The si tes have  been designed  in a ‘user   f r  iendly’ way  to help
candidates for applying Online in a step-by-step fashion. Online application portal
will remain open from 10:00 AM (IST) on 6th February, 2012  till 5:00 PM (IST) on
21st March, 2012.  Offline Application: Set of Application Form and Prospectus
can be obtained through Post by sending crossed Bank Draft for Rs.300/- (Rs. Three
Hundred only) drawn in favour of  JAWAHARLAL NEHRU UNIVERSITY payble at
NEW DELHI  alongwith a self addressed (unstamped) envelope of the  minimum
size of 30 cms x 25 cms.  clearly indicating the programme  of study for which the
Appl icat ion Form  is  requi red   on  the sel f -addressed envelope  to  the  SECTION
OFFICER  (ADMISSIONS), Room No.28, Administrative Block, Jawaharlal  Nehru
University, New Delhi 110067  throughout the year. Money Orders and Cheques
a r e   n o t   a c c e p t e d .     P L E A S E   D O   N O T   S E N D   Y O U R   R E Q U E S T   F O R   S E T   O F
FORM AND PROSPECTUS.  Last date for submission of offline Application Form is
21st  March,  2012.   Last  date  for  submission of  conf i rmat ion page of  onl ine
Application Form alongwith all documents 28th March, 2012.
Application Forms and Prospectus will also be available by post during the following
per iods:
(i) From 6th February to 5th March, 2012 for admission in Monsoon Semester
(ii) From 1st September  to 8th October, 2012 for admission in Winter Semester
Application Forms received upto 21st March, 2012 will be considered for admission
in Monsoon Semester beginning July, 2012.  However, admission in Winter Semester
beginning January, 2013 will be need based and subject to availability of seats in
each areas of research.  Interested candidates are therefore required to enquire
about the availablity of seats in the discipline for which they intend to apply for
d i r e c t   a dmi s s i o n   t o   P h .D.  p r o gr amme   b e fo r e   s u bmi t t i n g   A p p l i c a t i o n   Fo  r ms   fo  r
admission in Winter Semester.  The last date for submitting the Application Forms
in Winter Semester beginning January 2013 will be 15th October 2012.
visit  at website : for detailed information

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